Departmental Mailing Lists

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They are organized below under the owner's job title. If you would like to request a change to a departmental mailing list, please contact its owner.

Academic Personnel Coordinator

  • above_scale (Full Professors at this rank)
  • adjunct
  • assocprof
  • asstprof
  • biostfac (manually updated w/ biostatistics faculty)
  • emeriti
  • visitors (visiting professors of all ranks, visiting scholars, researchers, and post-docs. No lecturers)
  • statfac (assocprof@, asstprof@, fullprof@, emeriti@, srlect@, lect@, lecturer@, adjunct@, paciorek)
  • srlect (Current sr. lecturer with security of employment. Include in emails to tenured fac or votes.)
  • permfac (assocprof@, asstprof@, fullprof@, emeriti@, srlect@)
  • lecturer
  • faculty (biostfac@, statfac@)
  • facguests (Individuals that requested to receive dept. news & emails)
  • fullprof (ladder-rank full professors)
  • postdocs

Graduate Student Services Advisor

Department Manager

  • permstaff (all permanent staff)
  • acadpers (shared account for Academic Personnel Coordinator and MSO)
  • dept (faculty@, grads@, staff@, sharedstaff@, visitors@)

SCF Systems Manager

Master's Program Coordinator

Course and Curriculum Officer

  • teachfac (current semester's instructors)
  • statpeers (not currently in use)
  • seminars (faculty@, grads@ , visitors@, various lists at UC Davis, Stanford contact, various individuals on- and off-campus)

Front Office Manager

Biostat / Sandrine Dudoit

Stat 272 Instructor

This individual may choose to coordinate with next semester's instructor on handing off ownership of this list, or contact the Graduate Student Services Advisor.